For my first post, I am dedicating it to Leonardo DiCaprio.


Anyone who knows me, they know how much I LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio. And it goes way deeper than just a celeb crush.

It started in December 1997. My grandma had always been fascinated by the story of the RMS Titanic. She had seen movies based on the ill-fated ship in prior years. So, when she found out that a new TITANIC movie was being released, she wanted to see it, and she took me. Little did she know, that I, her 7-year-old granddaughter, would fall in love with the actor who portrayed Jack Dawson.

It has now been nearly 19 years since Leo came into my life. I have all of his movies, still have his pictures on my walls… I even used to keep a journal about him. Whenever I went through something, even now, all I had to do was put on one of his movies, mainly Titanic (my favorite movie), and he would make my day better. Any time Leo comes on the TV or his name is mentioned, he makes me feel like the giddy 7-year-old I once was when I first saw his face on the big screen.

I’m not sure if my love for Leo will ever go away, but I hope it never will 🙂


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