My Grandma Met Denzel Washington on Live With Kelly!

My grandma, mom and myself went to the taping of Live with Kelly. Chris Pratt was Kelly Ripa’s guest co-host. This time, it was so my grandma could see her favorite actor/celeb crush, Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, who was on the show to promote his and Chris’ new movie The Magnificent Seven.

She had seen Denzel in person one time at a movie premiere, but this time, she was closer to him than ever before.

Photo by Shannon Mayo

A minute or two into the interview, Kelly mentioned my grandma’s reaction… Denzel turned around… and told her to come on over to him!!!

Photo by Shannon Mayo

Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would not only be in the same proximity of Denzel, but meet him as well!!

Photo by Shannon Mayo

And hug him!!! And cry in his arms!!! And Denzel looked a little teary eyed as well.

Photo by Shannon Mayo

This was an amazing moment for my grandma, and one that she will never, ever forget. I’m so happy that she got to meet him and that I was there to witness it.
Kelly Ripa said that it made her week. I think it was one of the greatest moments on Live 🙂

Thank you again Kelly Ripa, Chris Pratt, and especially, Denzel Washington for making my grandma’s dream come true!

Photo by Shannon Mayo

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