Thank you President Obama


I am really going to miss Barack Obama as our president. He faced a lot of racism and criticism during the past eight years. Despite all of his challenges, he did not let any of that phase him for getting his job done and do what he needed to do for his country, our country, and he did a lot for us.

I’m going to miss him with his family: First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha. Despite their busy schedules, the President and First Lady raised two young girls into beautiful young women and were active in their children’s lives, which is what parents are supposed to do. They are a very close family with lots of love for one another… role models for what families should be like.

I can’t picture anyone else being president and I wish that he could always be president. I am so grateful that we had a man like President Obama who served our country with dignity, class, determination, humor and love, and cared for the well-being of its citizens.

Thank you Barack Obama, for being our president… my president… of the United States of America.


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