Happy 88th Birthday M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!


Everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey Mouse, is celebrating his 88th birthday today!

Mickey, created by Walt Disney, made his first on-screen debut in the film Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928.


Since then, he has appearances in comics, TV shows and films including The Mickey Mouse Club and Fantasia.


To celebrate his own birthday, Mickey embarked on a trip around the world stopping at cities such as Kyoto, Rome, Shanghai, Paris and Los Angeles. He even launched an Instagram account (@MickeyMouse) to show his travels through videos and photos, as well as his appearances in film and TV.

In the United States, Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts and Disney Stores will be distributing commemorative “Happy Birthday, Mickey!” buttons. Disneyland Park in Anaheim will host a special pre-parade birthday celebration for Mickey, while at the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, characters and performers will dance in a special birthday-themed edition of the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party.
Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 10.45.55 AM.png

Cheers to you Mickey Mouse! Happy Birthday!



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