‘AGT’ airs Brandon Rogers’ audition as a tribute


The heartbreaking, but bittersweet audition of Dr. Brandon Rogers on America’s Got Talent aired Tuesday night, in tribute of the late doctor and singer.

Rogers, who practiced family medicine, but had a strong passion for music, passed away in a car accident on June 11 in Maryland.

Following the news of Brandon’s death, it was uncertain whether AGT producers would air his audition or not. However, his family wanted to share his special moment with all of us.

“At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you,” was a statement shown during the introduction of Brandon’s audition.

Dr. Rogers sang a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky,” and wowed not only the audience and AGT host Tyra Banks, but the judges as well.

Judge Simon Cowell praised him saying that he was one of the best singers they had seen yet.

“Your vocal is stunning, stunning,” said Cowell. “I’ve never said this to a doctor before. You’re sick. Really sick. You’re one of the best singers we’ve had in the competition so far.”

Rogers was passed to the second round after receiving a ‘yes’ vote from all four judges, and they all looked forward to see what Brandon would bring during the next level.

Watching this young man sing at his audition on America’s Got Talent tonight, and knowing that he’s been gone for a month, really broke me.

I had watched some his videos on his Instagram account and I knew that he could sing, but he SANG at his audition. The audience loved him. The judges loved him. He called his mom to tell her the good news and she was screaming with joy.

It’s so hard to understand why he left this Earth way too soon – because even though he was a doctor, he found his calling in music – but God had his reasons for wanting him in Heaven.

To the family of Dr. Brandon Rogers, thank you for allowing us to see his audition on AGT.

To Brandon, thank you for blessing us with your voice.

Sing with the angels✨ RIP


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